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Houmartic (Somartic هنربدنمندی) Project
is the artist's dedication
to marginalized and queer BIPOC folks
as a part of their Artivism.
Interested parties are welcome to contact me
for upcoming workshops
 and performative space

Houmartic Project I; Self Care in Political Context 

Houmartic (The Art of Body) is an empowerment project with focus on decolonization of the body, mind and culture based on political art and producing educational content through psycho-somatic training and art. 

Houmartic Project II; Empowerment project through psychosomatic training and creativity workshop for Queer BIPOC

Empowerment through Psycho/Sexual Somatic Practice and Art project

A collective experiment to access and express our own deep vulnerability (emotions, psychosomatic condition and …) as one of the main sources for awareness & change by channeling the gift of vulnerability to political statements & acts in a performative space publicly. Long way to go! What we usually miss in most political activities which are run on toxic masculinity, the same energy source that fuels violence & war. It's the reason that the most vulnerable part of society is the most target group of violence & war! We want to reclaim vulnerability as one of the main parts of our human being and bring it to the safe streets! Getting close to our vulnerability & making space to express it collectively is one of the first steps to change! A transformative resource for awareness & empathy. That's the sustainable way to save humans & humanity! Healing is a collaborative matter, as the main part of political change. We want collective change!

Last work

Houmartic Project III; Performative space on Vulnerability

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