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PsychoSomatic Empowerment through Creativity Workshop for Queer BIPOC

''Empowerment through Psycho/Sexual Somatic Practice and Art'' project, is the artist dedication to queer BIPOC community as a part of Artivism.

Contact me for upcoming workshops

Performative space on Vulnerability 

A collective experiment to reference the vulnerability (emotions, psychosomatic condition and …) as one of the main source for awareness & change by channeling the gift of vulnerability to political statement & act. Long way to go! What we usually miss in the most political activities which are run on toxic masculinity as much as the violence & war going on that source. Its the reason that the most vulnerable part of society is the most target group of violence & war! We want to reclaim vulnerability as one of the main part of our human being and bring it in the safe streets! Getting close to our vulnerability & making space to express it collectively is one of the first step to change! A transformative source for awareness & empathy. Thats the sustainable way to save human & humanity! Healing is collaborative matter, as the main part of political change. We want collective change! Last work

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