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Hami Mehr (1981) is a Berlin-based anti-disciplinary artist from Tehran.​

Their background includes professional work as a researcher and journalist, as well as education and training in the humanities, sculpture, psychosomatic practice, producing electronic music, plus being an intersectional queer feminist artivist, opened a wide fluid field to their art practice. 

They present their works through performance, painting, installation, video, sound and mixed media.

Currently they are developing their profession through studying sculpture at Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie. Their main focus in art practice is on body politics, queering the body and decolonizing the narrative of body, mind & culture.

One of their last projects is a documentary book about Herstory of Feminist Artivism in Iran.

They were also awarded a scholarship at Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation.


''Un/Real'', Analog animation (multi-improvisation performance), Hbg Kulturförening, Helsingborg, Sweden 2013


Live sound performance with analog synthesizer, Hans and Gloria Festival, Berlin Germany, 2013

Live sound performance with analog synthesizer, Radio Wokule Anniversary , Biesental Germany, 2014

"Rorschach", Video installation, Umeå Academy, Sweden, 2014

''Valley of the Pantheon'' multimedia performative installation, Gallery C. Hjärne, Helsingborg, Sweden, 2014

''Perplex'' sound performance, Fusion festival, Lars Germany, 2015

''Kalaeidophonic'' sound performance, Gretchen, Berlin Germany, 2017

''Are We Made of Our...'' multimedia performance, VOODOO55 Berlin Germany, 2018


''I am in Piece'' multimedia performance, Distortion, Copenhagen Denmark, 2018

''Secret Sacred O'' performance, at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin Germany, 2018

''No/Everybody'' is Political, video installation at Rundgang Weissensee Academy of Art, Berlin Germany, 2018 

''The Body of Censor'', video installation at Rundgang UdK; Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin Germany, 2018

''Houma'', Performative installation, Palmification Exhibition, Feldfünf, Berlin Germany, 2019

''hOm'' installation, ''From within the cracks'' Exhibition, nGbK, Berlin Germany, 2020

''The Body of Wave'' Video, Decolonial Project; JITDAM KAPEEL Exhibition, Humboldt Forum Museum, Berlin Germany, 2022

Sound Performance in collaboration with Ben Osborn, Acud Macht Neu, Berlin Germany, 2022

''Plosives'' Sound installation, Decolonial Project, Humboldt Forum Museum, Berlin Germany 2023

Interested parties are welcome to contact me for artist portfolio and upcoming exhibitions.

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